Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wine Not?

Once again, I had the need for some wine. We picked up some Italian food from Mi Piace last night and you gotta have wine with pasta so we stopped by Bevs&Mo. Italian is still my favorite so I bought another Chianti. Fattoria Selvapiana Chianti Rufina -denominazione di origine controllata e garantita- Vendemmia 2001. My wife still can't drink so I had to finish it myself again. This time I didn't finish it one sitting. We had to put the boy to sleep, and in doing so, we all passed out. So I finished it up this morning. This may have to be the way I catalog the new wines I drink. About 18 bucks. Enjoy. The thing on top is an anti drip device which I got as a gift when we were in Japan. No more rings on the table.


Brandon Vietti said...

I'll have to try your Chianti suggestion. My persoanl favorite so far is Brolio Chianti Classico, 2001. But I may be partial to it because it was the first Chianti I ever tried and I actually drank it inside the walls of Siena. You just can't beat drinking Chianti in the Chianti region of Italy!

Nice watercolor! I like how you rendered light playing off the glass textures.

potato farm girl said...

Yummy and beautiful!

andrea spada said...

wonderful stuffs here, great watercolor technique.
Wow, man, 18 bucks for a chianti!? it's a lot! Here goes away with, um,let's see...4,50 euros?
sad thing is that we gotta pay immense taxes on anything else! so i guess we're even.ha.
greetings, super stuff,great colours and props.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful watercolor painting!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Good looking! Bela pintura! Cool painting!

One Shot Golf said...

wine alone. you should have called me. ya bastard!